International ISPC Shetland Pony Show 15th - 16th August 2015 at Ypäjä, Finland.
The show will be held at the Derby field at Ypäjä Equine College.
Opening ceremonies Friday 14th August 2015

Show manager: Mrs. Maura Tuomi, phone +358 400 772 172


Black Ring: Ms. Jane Barry UK, Ms. Stepahnie Scheiberlich HOL, Ms. Anna Pajanen FIN
Coloured Ring: Mr. Lars Gerth SWE, Ms. Angela Glatthaar SUI, Ms. Pernille Bjerre DK
Miniature Ring: Ms. Yvonne Held FRA, Ms. Susan Hellum NOR, Mr. Lionel Gregory UK
Ridden Ring: Ms. Gill Wright UK, Ms. Minna Särkiniemi FIN
Driven Ring: Ms. Rachel Bown UK, Ms. Camilla Simonsen FIN

Judges may switch rings.

Show classes on Saturday:

Black / coloured / miniature ponies
(these classes are offered for each group of ponies):

1. Yearling fillies

2. Yearling colts

3. 2-year-old fillies

4. 2-year-old colts

5. 3-year-old fillies

6. 3-year-old colts

7. Geldings 3 years and younger

8. Geldings 4 years and older

Show classes on Sunday:

Black / coloured / miniature ponies
(these classes are offered for each group of ponies):

9. Yeld mares - 4 yrs and older

10. Brood mares - 4 yrs and older

11. Foal of mare in previous class (min. age at the time of show 8 weeks)

12. Breeding stallions - 3 yrs and older

13. Veterans - 18 yrs and older

24. Offspring of a stallion or a mare, at least 3 ponies (when registering, mention which day you will be showing your offspring group)

25. Breeder group, at least 3 ponies from the same breeder (when registering, mention which day you will be showing your breeder group)

A pony can register for only one show class: for example a breeding stallion of 18 years or more can only take part in either the breeding stallion or the veteran class as can a mare of 18 years or more with a foal choose to be shown in either the brood mare class or the veteran class.

The organizer reserves the right to join or divide classes if necessary.

Performance classes on Saturday:

14. Riding class, lead rein for children under 9 yrs of age
15. Riding class, intermediate for children under 12 yrs of age
16. Riding class, advanced
17. Driving class, for children 16 yrs and younger
18. Driving class, for over 16 yrs of age
19. Long reining, for children 16 yrs and younger
20. Long reining, for over 16 yrs of age
21. Working hunter, easy for children under 10 yrs of age
22. Working hunter, intermediate
23. Pony agility

Registering for the show and performance classes

Registration between 1st Jan 2015 and 15th March 2015. REGISTRATION IS CLOSED!

Fill in a form for each pony, including the expected foals. The detailed information (gender, colour, DOB) of the foal that has been registered to the show must be sent to the organizer of the show by 15th June 2015.

The show is open for ponies that have been registered to the stud book / register of their own country. Changes in ownership must be up to date. The ponies must have a valid passport when entering the show. The show follows the ISPC Guidelines and the showing rules of the Finnish Shetland Pony Society when appropriate.

The ponies wishing to take part in the miniature classes must not be over 34 inches / 86 cm. The ponies must have a valid certificate of their height or they will be measured at the show. Ponies over 34 inches / 86 cm will automatically be moved into standard classes. A pony registered into a standard class can not be moved into a miniature class once the registration time has passed. Please mark clearly, when registering, if your pony is a miniature Shetland!

Show fees:
1st pony 55 €, 2nd pony and the following 50 €, foals born in 2015 30 €/foal.

Pefromance class fees:
1st class 30 €/pony, 2nd class and the following classes 25 €/pony
Pony agility 20 € / pony

Offspring and breeder groups 20 € / group (a group can be shown on either Saturday or Sunday).
Offspring and breeder groups can also be registered at the show!

Show Gala on Saturday:
On Saturday 15th August 2015 a dinner will be held in Ypäjä for all participants. Dinner cards can be purchased when registering for the show.

There are limited places at the dinner. Reservations must be done before the end of the registration time. A dinner card is 25 € and is payable to the same account as the show fees.

Send a receipt of your payment attached to an email to maura.tuomi1(at) and you will receive a notification that your reservation has been received. Dinner reservations will be sold for as long as there are places.

Registrations for the show and dinner reservations are payable to

Aktia Bank plc, Helsinki, Finland
IBAN: FI5040550010424147
In favour of: Suomen Shetlanninponiyhdistys ry

Show fees must be paid and registrations sent by the last day of registration. Registrations that are either late or inadequate will not be accepted. All those registered for the show will be emailed a show information letter approximate a month before the show (if you wish to receive the letter by regular mail, please make sure you let the organizer know of this).

Further information:

The show will be held at an outdoor grass field. There will be a puffet at the site.

Further inquieries, driving instrucions, accommodations for people and ponies: Mrs. Maura Tuomi p. +358 400 772 172 maura.tuomi1(at)
Performance classes: Mrs. Lia Merimaa p. +358 40 595 5988 lia(at)
Guidelines and performance class programs
Withdrawals: Mrs. Anne Backman p. +358 50 393 5253 annebackman(at)

Tallink Silja Oy offers discounts (10-40%) for participants travelling on their ships. Business code is 93 927. When booking online, you need to login as a Business client to get the discounts. Remember to mention the code when you do the resevation. The code is valid in route trips between Helsinki-Stockholm, Turku-Stockholm, Helsinki-Tallinn and Turku-Mariehamn.

The show will not be insured on behalf of the organizer!

Organizer Suomen Shetlanninponiyhdistys ry / The Finnish Shetland Pony Society